Open-area parking insights

Parking managers reply on guess work when setting prices or doing enforcement work. We combine real-time occupancy data, payment information and other insights in order to give parking lot managers better suggestions.

Moved in: 2017

Leader: Constantin Copaceanu

Asili Home-logo.png

Asili offers unique and affordable ethnic-inspired textiles for home decor

Asili Home offers unique and affordable ethnic-inspired fabrics for home decor. Our distinctive collection is carefully designed from African fabrics. All the fabrics are 100% cotton produced locally in East Africa and carefully designed through a wax printing technique. Our design incorporate color, pattern and detail. With its fun color and exuberant patterns, the wax print fabrics add an exotic and mystical mood to your interiors. We carefully design the fabrics from unique styles that ensure you get the best quality that suit your environment. Asili Home offers a range of colors and patterns for almost every different taste. Explore our collection which ranges from curtains, drapes, throws, cushions, wall hangings and bedding sets.

Moved in: 2017

Leader: Chemutai Tololwo


Connecting food inspiration to the online supermarket


På marknaden idag finns tjänster som gör det möjligt för en användare att kunna gå från recept på en hemsida till en färdig matkasse hos en online-matbutik. Vidare växer marknaden med redan ihopplockade färdiga middagslösningar. Funktionaliteten att kunna gå direkt till en färdig matkasse är dock exkluderad till några få stora leverantörer.

Inkoopia vill skapa mångfald och öppna upp ovanstående funktionalitet att kunna gå direkt till en färdig matkasse hos alla oberoende aktörer inom mat-inspirations branschen, allt från matbloggar, youtube, till stora recept-hemsidor.

Inkoopia kommer göra det möjligt att konkurrera med samma funktionalitet som de stora leverantörerna utan att behöva göra några ändringar i deras befintliga plattform.

Moved in: 2017

Leader: John Rossberg

test stor bild ingoabroad_logo.png

Helping you find the ideal language course abroad at the best price

When searching for a language course abroad today, you have to access many schools and travel agencies websites in order to find information and prices to base your decision. And even in these websites it is very hard to find complete quotes. LingoAbroad is a price comparison platform where you can see which travel agencies and language schools are selling each language course and decide based on price, payment plans and student reviews. So you find all the information in one place to book the best language course for you with the lowest price.


Moved in: 2017

Interested in our project? Please contact us.

Leader: Camila Moreira & Breno Pádua


A coding program for young newly immigrated Arabic speaking girls.

Coding Lahunna - كوديج لهن is a program that teaches young newly immigrated girls coding to get them excited about computer science as well as to train problem-solving skills and creative thinking. The program aims to support the girls' integration and opens up new opportunities.

Moved in: 2017

Do you want to want to get involved or host a workshop? Do you have a laptop you want to donate?

Leader: Chrisitina Brühl
Contact: mail

Entrepreneur booklist

Book recommendations for entrepreneurs, by entrepreneurs 

It’s like netflix for books including book recommendations by successful entrepreneurs. All you can read for a monthly fee, all in one platform.
We believe that all the knowledge you need, can be learned from books.

Moved in: 2017

Leaders: Elias Helander & Oliver Pham


Wholey Moley

Moley App first draft.png

We help you to live according to your morals

The essence of Moley lies right in its name - Moral Lifestyle. And what do we exactly mean by that?

We want to help you to do what your conscience says is the right thing to do. That does not only spare you the inner conflict when buying unethical products, but we also believe that a whole lot of problems in this world could be solved by people purely starting to act in the manner they know is right.

Now we know, that with all the hustle and bustle of our modern day lifestyles that may not always be child’s play. Talk about child’s play, there are a big bunch of children who would rather be playing outside than sewing in a Bangladeshi sweatshop. We want to offer them a helping hand. As a matter of fact, our goal is to help you offer them a helping hand.

It’s no secret that the conditions in which most of our commodities are made are not exactly ideal. Yet, as ethical products is not very widespread, unethical consumption has been made the norm. We doubt these consumption habits are consciously evil; the fact is that finding ethically produced gear simply takes too much effort. In addition, fair and organic commodities are still often more on the expensive side.

Here is where we come in.

We want to show everyone where they can find ethical shopping opportunities that sell “normal usable stuff”. There are a bunch of cool people out there who share our vision. They are working hard every day to produce cool ethical products and you don’t have to be Bill Gates to be able to buy them.

As a recap, we want to help you act according to your conscience. Because we believe that you are a nice person who doesn’t want someone making your products under unhealthy conditions on less than a minimum wage. So for the sake of our planet we help you find anything and everything sustainable and local. Sounds pretty fair, right? So we’re here to offer a solution to your dilemma, making it effortless for you to find these cool people, who help you make the world a better place. Without further ado, hop on board and do what the cool kids are doing nowadays: Saving our planet!

Moved in: 2017

Leader: Jakob Kassel


LITOCY brush logo

LITOCY BRUSH is a renewable kitchen cleaning set, which consists of 2 types of dish brushes, made of loofah and brass.

It aims to offer people/users an enjoyable cleaning experience without the environmental impact of the current plastic brushes. Inspired by the natural and traditional material, LITOCY BRUSH explores new possibilities in its modern utility. With the easily assembled loofah head, people can replace only this part to avoid complete product waste. What's more, its neat and simple form produces an elegant feeling, which turns kitchen cleaning into a pleasant thing to do.

Started initially as one of my school design projects, FROM LINEAR TO CYCLIC, I would like to further develop my design to a product level. Aiming to re-introduce this eco-friendly and efficient material for cleaning to people's everyday life, and to contribute to the environment protection. It is a great opportunity to step out from a design student's comfort zone and challenge myself, into the business and commercial field to learn how to launch a product into the market. I believe it will be an exciting "experiment" to see the potential of my design and myself.

Moved in: 2017

Leader: Jingbei Zheng



An online lottery with significantly increased chances of winning while contributing to a sustainable future

Many people in Sweden gamble, and they do so at unfair terms. The chances of hitting the jackpot in any type of lottery are so slim that most people never actually win more than just their money back.

We think this is unfair, and that is why we are developing a lottery where every drawing will have a winner of the jackpot. Through a convenient mobile and online platform, gamblers will be able to easily enter the lottery and follow the game in real-time until the drawing begins. In addition to one jackpot winner each drawing, multiple winner will be drawn in the consolation round with attractive rewards, as well as a “get your money back” reward for a large amount of people.

Yet, it is not solely a lottery, but it is one with a purpose in mind, which is to further Swedish research and Swedish organizations. All of our surplus will be donated to research hubs or organizations working to solve sustainability issues or to further the work towards a more sustainable future. The goal is to create a better society in Sweden by funding the right projects.

Moved in: 2017

Leaders: Kristoffer Sandström

the edibles logo.jpg

Developing drinking straws that are edible and zero-waste

500 million plastic straws are used everyday in the United States alone. That many straws are enough to go around the earth's circumference two and a half times! We are the edibles, and are developing straws that are EDIBLE, zero-waste and can be fortified with different flavours and nutrients!
We want to make your drinking experience fun and environmentally friendly.

Moved in: 2017

Leader: Divya Mohan


屏幕快照 2017-08-16 上午10.53.37 (1).png

We sell Swedish products to Chinese parents via the online channels through social media influencers.

Moved in: 2017

Founder: Qimei Chen


Matching, for a better gaming experience

KYKLOS provides an intuitive platform to connect gamers according to their specific needs, either to play competitively or meet people and then enjoy a full multiplayer experience. The more users play together, the more they collect tokens that can be exchanged into cool stuff on our marketplace.

Moved in: 2017

Leader: Rémy Bompar



The only guest messaging solution
you'll ever need

At Bookboost, we believe that hotels should be able to focus on what they do best; providing high quality hospitality.

In the current situation hotels need to stand strong against online travel agencies, like and therefore it becomes more difficult for hotels to retain their focus on providing hospitality.

With passionate people, based in Venture Lab, Lund, we therefore build tools for hotels that generate more direct bookings and improve operational efficiency.


Most online travellers first visit the hotel website before they eventually book on one of the online travel agencies websites. This creates a great opportunity to capture the online traveller and make them book directly and this is what Bookboost can do for hotels. Applying Bookboost’s tools increase the number of direct bookings by 15-25%.


Engagement is so important for hotels, and therefore it is not a good development that it becomes more and more difficult to build up good relationships with your guests. With Bookboost’s conversational hospitality tools, hotels are able to be in direct contact with their guests, which benefits their loyalty significantly.


Tired of giving the same answers each and every day? With Bookboost’s smart conversational-eco-system you can now automise communication flows. Increase the operational efficiency, and spend more time providing quality hospitality to your guests.


Our conversational-eco-system enables hotels to build up a personal relationship with their guests. In every phase of “the booking”; pre-acquisition, pre-stay, stay and post-stay, we have created a dynamic medium through which personal relationships between guest and hotel can be established, enhanced and maintained.

Our tools apply to each phase of “the booking” and this has several benefits, it improves operational efficiency, raises revenue per available room (REVPAR), increases occupancy rates and boosts profit.

Moved in: 2016

Feel free to contact us!

Founders: Willem Rabsztyn, Daan De Bruijn & Edvin Zigmanovic 

Phone: +46 (0)73 686 30 62
Contact: mail



#1 Shopify Setup and Development Experts in Sweden. We work with multiple platforms like Bigcommerce, Pandacommerce, Magento and Woocommerce

With passion in Ecommerce, since 2015, ZAGO has been helping more than 800 entrepreneurs to make their dream online stores come true.

If you’re transitioning to Shopify or are a new store owner, we’ve got your back. We’re a six person studio based in Malmö, Sweden and specialize in complex migrations, working with new store owners, and custom design.

We can help you with:

– Theme design, customization and transformation existing theme to Shopify.
– Custom coding for advance functionality.
– Store setup & migration to Shopify.
– Facebook sale channel and other social platforms.
– Marketing & Branding.

Moved in: 2016

Want To Know More?

Drop us a message:

Skype: zagosweden
Whatsapp: +46 765941670
Shopify Experts :




RENJER is the first 100% Reindeer Jerky from Lapland. It’s the modern, some say tastier, interpretation of the old Nordic,  tradition-steeped treat Torkat Renkött. Renjer is the easiest way to experience Lapland through the unique taste of reindeer meat, wherever you want. 

Moved in: 2017



Surround yourself with nature at home. The modern growth system for future homes.

We are always on the hunt for new talent and passionate people who share our vision.
If you have an interest in joining our team or have any questions regarding collaboration, do not hesitate to contact me.

Moved in: 2017

Contact: mail / (+46) 0704 25 90 70


raw_logo_circle.png is a platform for sharing skills through workshops. Here you can browse practical and creative workshops happening in your town. All our workshops are offline, happening in real time and space, because we believe that a workshop is a perfect opportunity to meet new people!

Our mission is to facilitate the transfer of skills and to create a community of people interested in learning from each other. We want to inspire people to try new things but also to share their passion with others. We do this by helping individuals to organize their own workshop and by reaching out to potential participants.

Workshoppa is developed by Veronika Nesverova.

Moved in: 2017


Do you want help with preparing your own workshop? Do you want some more information about the project? Or just want to get in touch? Contact me on:



At Suntribe we believe sunscreen should protect us from the sun without posing any threat to human health or nature.

Indigenous tribes as well as professional communities of lifeguards, surf teachers and mountaineers have used zinc to protect themselves from the sun throughout history.

By building upon their collective experiences, we have made the benefits of zinc available in a three ingredient natural sunscreen formula for the first time.

Suntribe Sunscreen is simple but effective:

   √   100% natural ingredients – contains no dangerous chemicals. 

   √   Broad spectrum protection against 97% of UVA and UVB rays (SPF 30).

   √   Long lasting protection with a very high degree of water resistance.

Moved in: 2017


Another Dandy

Another Dandy är ett företag som riktar sig mot stilmedvetna män med ett gott öga för kvalitet. Another Dandy säljer accessoarer, rakprodukter, konst och heminredning.

Moved in: 2017

Founder: Gustaf Eriksson

Kontakt: mail / +46 (0) 720 21 47 24



The basic goal is management of foods with no commercial value, yet suitable for consumption, that without the Food Bank would be just a waste! Food Bank will collect and redistribute food products to people in need.In this case, in the group of ‘people in need’ belong people in nursing homes, orphanages, rehabilitation centers, immigrant support bodies, organizations of people with disabilities, canteens and churches.

Our mission is to feed the hope, feed the future & save the environment!!!

Our vision is to establish a sustainable food bank which will increase the food security, reduce hunger and increase solidarity within the community.

Join us in our trip by investing in the future!!!

Moved in: 2017


Tel: 0046 728788337


Fitnessfika är det nya moderna valet av fika, mellanmål, snacks eller efterrätt. Visionen är att bidra till en hälsosammare svensk fikakultur. Första produkten är en chokladboll fri från raffinerat socker som istället är sötad med honung. Läs mer om chokladbollarna och ingredienserna på eller se @fitnessfika på Facebook och Instagram

Victoria är personen bakom Fitnessfika, som brinner för träning, hälsa och entreprenörsskap. Strävan efter att kombinera de sakerna, tillsammans med viljan att bidra till en hälsosammare fikakultur är vad som ligger till grund för verksamheten.

Moved in: 2017




Fordonsofferten ämnar att digitalisera fordonsindustrin och bryta dagens geografiska barriärer genom att förenkla fordonsköp över nätet. Genom bolagets digitala plattform samlas svenska bilåterförsäljare på nätet och kunder kan enkelt genom ett fåtal knapptryck få offerter från bilhandlare över hela landet.

För mer information och kontakt hör gärna av er till oss på

Moved in: 2017