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Open Positions

VentureLab is looking for a student who wants to coordinate Lund Innovation Challenge 2019!

As a student coordinator for Lund Innovation Challenge, you are commissioned to coordinate and run one of Sweden's largest innovation competitions for students. The competition takes place in November at Ideon in Lund. The assignment is to coordinate the project group so that the project reaches its goals in terms of budget, sponsorship and time plan. You will work in close collaboration with the VentureLab team - but you are the coordinator who is calling the shots. As a student coordinator you will have the opportunity to develop your skills in project management and leadership while expanding your network.

The role of student coordinator means, among other things, that you are obligated to:

  • Recruit the project group

  • Based on previous documentation, determine budget and ensure that it is followed

  • Coordinate the work between sponsors, partners and the VentureLab team

  • Market the weekend towards Lund University 45,000 students

We are looking for a student who:

  • Is interested in working with innovation and entrepreneurship

  • Is powered by working in a team

  • Wants to develop skills in leadership

  • Is a student at Lund University throughout 2019

Does this sound interesting to you? See a short film about Lund Innovation Challenge here and send CV & personal letter to as soon as possible, but no later than 1/7, if you want to become part of our driven team. Agreements are written for one semester as for student workers.

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Last Update: 2019-05-15