Did you know that plants helps you focus? That's why we aim to have Swedens greenest incubator.

Did you know that plants helps you focus? That's why we aim to have Swedens greenest incubator.

Let us brag a bit about what we can do for you...

We know that every project has it's own needs. This is why we are extra proud that we are able to provide you with such a broad offer of support. Cause we want your project to succeed - No matter if it's a business idea or an non govermental organization.

So let us have a look at what's included in our incubator offer!

  • Access to our partnership services
  • The Ignite Program - to help you get on track
  • 15 000 SEK - So you can test your idea
  • Invites to event - so you can be at the right place at the right time
  • The competence you need through our network
  • Lunch with a mentor from our alumni network
  • Workshops, knowledge and workspace in Copenhagen through NEH
  • Product development with IKDC
  • Accontancy support from AB Rationalis
  • Interns from Academic Solutions
  • Meeting rooms
  • Office space at Stockholm School of Entrepreneurship
  • Company adress
  • All of Ideons offers
  • And of course... free coffee and internet


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Our team

During your your first three months at VentureLab, you will be a part of our Ignite program where you will be given a business advisor. A mentor that you will meet regularly and whom will help you to set goals and follow up on them. During all your stay you will have our executive director, incubator manager and communication manager that invites you to events in the region and to their best effort provides you with resources and support for your success. 

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The incubator

With access to our facilities 24/7, you are able to work when it suits you and your studies. Since it's important to be able to separate between work and home, we offer you an office with both a nice physical and mental work environment. Register your company here and you avoid getting your mail losing track of important letters and invoices. And feel free to use our printer, 3D-printer, projector, meeting rooms, and a never ending source of coffee and tea.

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A strong network

In the end no one can manage it all by oneself and no matter if you are alone in your project or a part of a team, eventually you will need external support. In our incubator you'll find a mix of students from all faculties at Lund University where everyone brings uniqe knowledge but unite in their efforts to make their ideas into reality. We see on a regular basis how this results in collaborations and beneficial gains. Our location at Ideon Agora places us in the middle of the innovation support structure in Lund. Both from the Ideon network itself, but also since we are so close to LU Innovation. This means that no matter if you are in need of a lawyer or how to market your project, we know who you should speak with. Get a mentor from our alumni network, have a lunch together and discuss your challenges. When your need then goes beyond Lund we already have the connections such as MINC in Malmö, Mindpark in Helsingborg, or DTU and KEA in Copenhagen through our NEH collaboration.

The right tools

Neither you or us can tell for sure all that you will need tomorrow. However, our experience tells us a few things about what might come in handy...

At KEA you can visit their material library where you have access to thousands of samples of materials where you can see, touch and smell them all. Then IKDC can help you develop a prototype. In need of an office space? We can set you up with Stockholm School of Entrepreneurship or Mindpark.  

If you need help with accontancy we'll set you up with a first free meeting with AB Rationalis, and if you want to find a partner or intern then Academic Solutions will help you.