Our incubator, is exactly what it sounds like:

A supportive and creative office with a community for nurturing commited students to give their idea's and projects a chance

The incubator & Its program


What can the incubator offer you?


Once your idea is more developed, new needs appear. 

Maybe you would like an office, networks in the startup world or perhaps methods and accountability to reach bigger goals.


Our incubator also grants you:

  • 15 000 SEK to test your idea

  • 5000 USD To use at Amazon Web Services

  • Unlimited trial version of Shopify through ZAGO

  • The Ignite Program


The Ignite Program

Ignite startup program

Upon being accepted, you will go through our start-up program.

3 months that include, for free:

  • individual and personalized goal setting meetings with our business developers

  • exclusive training in, for example, sales and pitching

  • Our entire incubator offer


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When you apply to our incubator, we will look into the following criteria:

- At least one of the applicants is a student at Lund University.

- For how long you have been working on the project.

- How determined are you to keep working on this project.

- The dynamic of you and/or your team. 


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Next application deadline: 16th of September 2018

Our incubator application opens 3 times a year (spring, summer and autumn), but note that during summer we do not offer the ignite program. Those starting during the summer, have the opportunity to enroll in the program with the autumn startups. 


Read about the current projects in the Incubator. Feel free to contact them about their experience.

Want to know more?

Isak, our incubator manager, gladly tells you more!