Our incubator, is exactly what it sounds like:

a supportive and creative office with a community for nurturing young ideas or projects



Once your idea is more developed, new needs appear. 

Maybe you would like an office, maybe some new friends in the startup community or perhaps methods and accountability to reach bigger goals


Incubation programme


Starts as a 3 month process that includes, for free:

With potential to be extended up to 1 year


During this time you are committed to:

  • develop your idea or project according to the agreed goals 
  • schedule and attend at least 1 progress meeting per month 
  • give feedback to at least 1 incubate project (don´t worry, its like helping a friend)
  • work in the office as much as possible (min. 10 hour / week)
  • be tidy, friendly and an excellent coffee or tea maker 😉