Våra event och aktiviteter kommer att hjälpa dig att ta det första steget med en idé eller bara hjälpa dig att inse att något verkligen kan hända med hjälp av dig! Eventen lämpar sig även för dig som inte har någon idé just nu men har vettiga erfarenheter att dela med andra.

Kolla gärna vilket event som passar dig bäst, alla händer i Lund eller Helsingborg.





We arrange case hours for students who love solving problems! We present a current problem from the world of startups and rely on you to find a solution for them in groups. We find a problem relevant to your study area and we bring along a company so you can ask all your questions and have the best networking time. Of course, there is always a winner with the best solution!

We arrange case hours with student unions or in the framework of class hours at Lund University. Contact us if you want to invite us for a few hours and help students experience live problem-solving based on real company needs.


Mind your own business

We help you to take a moment out of your busy day, invite you for a cup of coffee on the go and encourage you to mind your own business, just for a minute. We come to your faculty, stand in the entrance hall for a few hours where you can talk to us, no strings attached. We come to you because we believe you have the potential to do something huge and we want to reassure you that we are here, assisting you along the way!

We visit many of the faculties during the term so check our calendar to see when and where you can meet us!




Breakfast & Ideas

We invite people to talk about their journey starting their own businesses while you are eating breakfast we provide. When you drank up your coffee, you get the chance to ask questions and get help with your wonderings. This is the place to be if you want a good amount of inspiration before you start your day! See the times here.