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At Bookboost, we believe that hotels should be able to focus on what they do best; providing high quality hospitality.

In the current situation hotels need to stand strong against online travel agencies, like and therefore it becomes more difficult for hotels to retain their focus on providing hospitality.

With passionate people, based in Venture Lab, Lund, we therefore build tools for hotels that generate more direct bookings and improve operational efficiency.


Most online travellers first visit the hotel website before they eventually book on one of the online travel agencies websites. This creates a great opportunity to capture the online traveller and make them book directly and this is what Bookboost can do for hotels. Applying Bookboost’s tools increase the number of direct bookings by 15-25%.


Engagement is so important for hotels, and therefore it is not a good development that it becomes more and more difficult to build up good relationships with your guests. With Bookboost’s conversational hospitality tools, hotels are able to be in direct contact with their guests, which benefits their loyalty significantly.


Tired of giving the same answers each and every day? With Bookboost’s smart conversational-eco-system you can now automise communication flows. Increase the operational efficiency, and spend more time providing quality hospitality to your guests.


Our conversational-eco-system enables hotels to build up a personal relationship with their guests. In every phase of “the booking”; pre-acquisition, pre-stay, stay and post-stay, we have created a dynamic medium through which personal relationships between guest and hotel can be established, enhanced and maintained.

Our tools apply to each phase of “the booking” and this has several benefits, it improves operational efficiency, raises revenue per available room (REVPAR), increases occupancy rates and boosts profit.

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